Gold Member 

Gold Member 

Benefit : 0% service fee in the agency*.

-NFT link: COL-70965c

-Official market places:

-Telegram channel Gold Members (APR, rewards, info)

The first 50 delegators of Colombia Staking were given a Gold Member NFT, which gives them 0% service fee for their eGLD delegated* at Colombia Staking. Every Friday, the fees collected by the agency during the week are redistributed to the NFT holders according to their proportion of eGLD staked in Colombia Staking pool.

If the NFT is transferred to another account or sold, the service fee benefit is also transferred. 

Example: I own a gold member NFT and I staked 50 eGLD to Colombia Staking. The agency collected 5 eGLD of fees during the week and has a total staked eGLD of 5000. You will get back for the week : 50/5000*5=0,05 eGLD

*There will be a maximum amount of staked eGLD per NFT eligible for the 0% service fee.


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-SFT link: COLS-488408

COLS SFT token of Colombia Staking  gives our community of delegators the power to vote and share their ideas and proposals for the future direction and decisions of the staking agency. 

The token is an opportunity to involve the community and at a later stage distribute additional rewards to the most loyal and involved delegators.

Utilities of the COLS SFT token are:

   1. Vote and propose at Colombia Staking DAO on peerme

   2. Future APR % bonus for eGLD staked at Colombia Staking.

   3. Share of community vault investment and opportunities.

 Snapshot has been taken and 1st distribution -phase 1- of the token was done:

-All delegators of Colombia Staking got some token depending on their amount of eGLD staked.

-Active Gold members with staked eGLD  got a bonus.

Next distribution -phase 2- will be given to:

- New eGLD delegated from phase 1 owners with a special 20% bonus.

-New delegators with the same voting power as phase 1.